190 Clemenceau Avenue

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Well, you can always complain to the management of the building... That is the management for Singapore Shopping Centre.... they'll help you i guess..
at 15 Oct 2010 15:09:14
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INSIDE THE 1ST FLOOR WHICH SELL MIX VEGETABLE RICE!the lady boss is very rude!she quarrel with me and shout and yell at me,when i only ask her why the rice is always price unfix,and she shout at me say she did fix the price and we quarrel for quite long,after few month,i been force because i need to go back to remodule,then she point at me and keep shouting saying to others about what happen that day,I WAS DAMN PISS OFF!WHO KINDLY CAN GIVE ME A NUM TO DEAL WITH HER?i want to make a complain!but i don know where to complain as she is the lady boss there!
at 12 Oct 2010 19:23:58
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Singapore Shopping Centre
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