AGNES PAULINE Water Solution Skin Care
Designed to enhance the beauty of women, water solution to  hydrates and nourishes skin for radiant and youthful skin.
特別献给& D'tox for Beauty - High-fiber enzyme drinks formulated from U.S. A. By using a variety of natural ingredients, water-soluble and non-soluble fiber help defecation, the probiotics help peristaltic large intestine, and enzymes to provide cellular energy and Rejuvenating your 10 youthful years within 28 days 

Unleashing your best natural, inner glow-Start right from the bottom of your skin.

Splendid effects deep into your skin for ultimate moisture and skin tone.

Fair, soft and delicate skin is every woman Agnes Pauline ? skin beauty beverage fortifies deep skin moisturizing with its nutrients and fosters dynamic regeneration, conditioning and care on aging and damaged cells. It accelerates the rate of cell renewal and recovery of tissue functions by increa Aixoroc Green Enterprise Aixoroc Green Enterprise Aixoroc Green Enterprise Aixoroc Green Enterprise Aixoroc Green Enterprise Aixoroc Green Enterprise
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Aixoroc Green Enterprise
Welcome to Aixorocgreen
Welcome To Our Online Shop And Thanks for Choosing Aixoroc Green Enterprise!

Aixoroc Green Enterprise we are a company that provides "ONE STOP"solution, from formulations of healthcare food/drinks, inner body-cleaning, detoxifying, nutrients supplements products,products comprising slimming, skin care and etc. Also we are trader wholesaler based in Malaysia for more than 2 years. We have done wholesale business with worldwide business.

We can offer local wholesale price to the whilesaler or retailers all over the world!It's exciting! Wholesale in very minimum quantity.Worldwide customer can even order one piece for some of our products. But one piece of order is based on retailer price.

Agent And Distributor Needed!!
If interested please leave a message at theEnquiry Box or Email to us at
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Products & Services
Our Services

Our company provides “ONE STOP” solution, from formulations of healthcare food/drinks, inner body-cleaning, detoxifying, nutrients supplements products, products comprising slimming, skin care and etc. The scope of services of our company includes:


Conceptualization until Finished Product
We have a strong team comprising of professionals with various expertise and extensive experience. We are able to create a novel formulation that can meet customer demands and market requirements. From idea to research, development, prototype, manufacturing, packaging and marketing, we can assure that every stage is professionally handled.

Product and Formulation Improvement
We have a strong R&D team lead by scientists. We have the capability and expertise in process and formulation optimization on existing products that are being marketed.

Expand market share of Product
This applies to customers whose products have already established and received good response in market. Our company is able to expand the existing product range into new market segments.

Supply Ready Made Formulation

We have a comprehensive range of Ready-Made Formulations that might satisfy your requirements depending on your market segment. This helps you to save cost on Research & Development (R&D) and generates better business returns within a short time frame.

Contract Manufacturing & Repacking

Our company is able to provide contract manufacturing and repacking services. Clients can have the choices of packing under their own brand name for their specialized market.

Innovative Packaging Solution

From concept development, packaging design, labelling until finishing, our company is able to furnish innovative packaging idea for your specialised distribution market.

Building Brand Awareness

Our company has vast experience in organising and running various types of promotional activities and campaigns to build brand awareness and recognition.

Product Leaflet or Catalogue

Our company is able to furnish the product write up and assist you to create catalogue or leaflet that provides clear information of your product to your clients.

Product Registration

Our company can assist you in product registration and obtaining relevant documents in compliance with the regulatory requirement of the local authority as well as the importing countries. The potential of the products can be maximised by increasing the market share once the product obtains approval.

Clinical Studies

If there is requirement to carry out safety and efficacy studies on your products involving healthy human volunteers, our company is able to perform the task.

Laboratory Tests

We could arrange for the laboratory tests to be performed on your products, to ensure product safety and free from adulteration.


Formulation Services

  • Dietary Fiber, Organic Fiber, Detoxification Fiber, Soy Bean Fiber , Spirulina, Colostrum, Glucosamine & etc.

Collagen/ StemCell/ Placenta

  • Bio Cell Collagen II, Collagen Beauty Drink, Whitening Collagen Drink & Etc.

Functional Coffees & Tea

  • Dietary Coffee, Slimming Coffee, Fiber Coffee, Energy Coffee, Guarana Coffee, Tongkat Ali Coffee, Ginseng Tea & etc.

Food Formulation

  • Curry Seasoning, Spice Seasoning (Herbal Soup Premix), Coffee, milk tea.

  • Nutritional Oatmeal Cereal

  • White Coffee Powder, Black Tea, Arabica & etc.

Men’s Health Food/ Drinks

  • Vitality Herbs Capsule, Guarana Up Power Drinks & Etc.

Personal Care

  • Soap, Bust Lift, Breast Firming and Lifting Cream, Natural Herbs Pain Relief Patch & etc. Skin Care & Cosmetics.

Skin Care & Cosmetics

  • Whitening, Anti-Aging, Hydrating, Toner, Day & Night Cream, Cleanser, Ampoules, Serum, Mask, Essential Oil, Eye Care, Massage Cream, Body Care, SPA Care, Hair Care & etc.

107-J, Noordin Street Ghaut Flat, 10300 Georgetown Penang, Malaysia.
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