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About Us
At ACE WATER, we develop innovative yet robust and cost competitive solutions, based on our extensive field practical experiences and in-depth understanding of both conventional and the state of the art technologies, for all water and wastewater challenges both for municipal and industries.

Our Mission

To be the top water company by creating more value for our customers.

To provide consultancy and turnkey services for water and wastewater treatment plant, water reclamation, desalination, complete facilities design and water quality monitoring systems.

When you work with ACE WATER, you have a business partner committed to delivering quality, reliable and cost-effective systems that meet all your water needs.

We, at ACE WATER, place great emphasis on achieving a consistent quality in the water we produce, and on ensuring timely delivery to you, our valued customers.

Products & Services

At ACE WATER, we work closely to understand your water requirements before designing and fabricating a system that works to meet your REAL needs.

Our team of engineers evaluate the properties of the feed water to be treated, and choose the most cost effective and proven technologies to design the most desirable and reliable systems, to meet your pure water and wastewater treatment requirements.

We have the capabilities to design and integrate seamlessly treatment processes using micro filtration/ultra filtration (MF/UF) membrane, nano filtration (NF), reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and conventional processes, such as clarification, ion-exchange, UV and advanced oxidation (AOP) technologies. These include organic and inorganic treatments, membrane filtration and separation, ion exchange, metal precipitation and degasification.

Our systems are able to meet the most stringent and demanding water quality requirements in the municipalities and industries

1. Water Consultancy Services
2. Turnkey Services
- Water & Wastewater Treatment
- Water Reclamation
- Desalination
- Chemical System, Odour Systems
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