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A-Guard Environmental Hygiene Pte Ltd
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Showroom Opening Hours: From 1pm - 9pm, Daily Except Mondays
A-Guard Environmental Hygiene Pte Ltd provide holistic solution for consumers and industrial. Consumer's solution included Water Hygiene, Surface Hygiene, Fabric Hygiene and Airborne Hygiene ; while for industrial solution is Air Pollution Control and Marine Water Pollution Control.
Great selection of water hygiene products.
Hygiene products and habit give a chance for us to wake up with a fresher mind and see a better day. Good to maintain our performance to go through stressful days.
Just bought a water ionizer / alkaline machine from here . Good service and product knowledge . Look for Ong . Heres to good health with proper water ...
Keeping your body clean is an important part of keeping you healthy and helping you to feel good about yourself. You may want to use Shield On Fabric Hygiene to guards up against body odour, itchy skin and diseases.