About Us

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd deals with the production, wholesale and distribution of exclusive house-brand frames in Europe, America and Asia. It undertakes the design, research and development for new eyewear and eyewear design innovations, with the objective in design innovations that break away from traditional eyewear design and construction.

In 2006, we won the iF awards at the internationally recognized design forum at Hannover, Germany for two of our patented products. Since then, our frames have been featured in various European news for their originality and breakthrough designs.

Our revolutionary eyewear designs were also featured in the French newspaper “Le Figaro” and have appeared at numerous International optical fairs.

We have also won several coveted international eyewear design awards including

  • Red Dot 2007,
  • IDEA 2008 Finalist,
  • Silmo d’Or Special Mention for Sustainable Development 2008,
  • Red Dot 2009,
  • iF Material Award 2009 Gold,
  • Silmo d’Or Special Prize <> 2009,
  • the prestigious President’s Design Award Singapore 2009,
  • Nominated for German Design Award 2010 and 2011,
  • IOFT Eyewear of the Year 2012 (Japan) and
  • Red Dot Product Design 2012.

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd also does wholesale and distribution of the Clearvue Big Eyes 2 brand of color contact lenses.

Eye-biz Pte Ltd also does wholesale and distribution of Major Contact Lens Brands like J&J, B&L, Alcon and Coopervision

Products & Services

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd distributes the following brands in Singapore and Worldwide

1. Urband (www.urband-eyewear.com)
2. Glossi (www.glossieyewear.com)
3. Eyelet (www.eyeleteyewear.com)
4. Nature Eyes by Linkskin (www.natureeyes-eyewear.com)
5. BigEyes2 Color Contact Lenses (clearvuelens.com/bigeye.com/)

If you want to purchase or want more information, please do visit our websites.

Email us at info@eye-biz.com or Call us at 67446239

We work with the following Partners

1. Nanyang Optical (www.nanyang.com.sg)
- A well known Eyewear Retailer found in Malls across Singapore. Our Eyewear Brands can be purchased here. Do visit them.

2. Urband-Paris (www.urband.com)
- Our Europe and USA Partner.

3. AAlens (www.aalens.com)
- Our online Contact Lens Partner

4. AAPetstore (www.aapetstore.com)
- Our online Pet Medications Partner

5. AASpex (www.aaspex.com)
- Our online Spectacles / Eyewear Partner

6. Vertlite (www.vertlite.com)
- Our online Eco Freindly Eyewear Partner

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd does R&D, OEM, ODM, Production and Distribution of Eyewear.

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd Sells and Distributes BigEyes2 Color Contact Lenses

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd Sells and Distributes Major Contact Lens Brands like J&J, B&L, Alcon and Coopervision.

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd is also ISO 13485 certified since 2010.

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd holds Manufacturing, Import, Distribution Licences issued by Health Science Authority of Singapore (HSA) under Singpore's Ministry of Health
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