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22 ASSOCIATES is a boutique style distribution company that trades in innovative, environmental & wellness management solutions. Contrary to traditional business model of selling products through common means, 22 Associates (22A) set out to explore different ways to reach out to its market and its customers.

At 22 Associates, we know that in order that our customers get to enjoy their world-class products we need to follow-through with world-class service.

In order to do that, we trust that our human resources are our most important asset to make that happen. While, international market leaders trusts us to deliver their product experience to the right target market and consumers put their trusts in us to serve them well, we make it our continuous mission to ensure that both are well-pleased.

I love their JuicePresso for its low speed juicing for maximum nutrition and taste. It has unique Smart Extraction System (S.E.S) extracts maximum nutrients and flavour from fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. Interesting indeed! Grab one now!:)
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27 Mar 2013 08:11:27

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