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Providing Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetics Services
Our products and services offer straight forward application to bring out health and beauty radiance from within you, without complications. Prolong Youth, not Age.

About Us

Wellness Unlimited is an aesthetic company with an integrated approach specializing in providing support services to the beauty business in the areas of products, medi-aesthetic services, education and methodology.

Established by professionals in the field of health studies, nutrition, medicine and aesthetics, Wellness Unlimited differentiate itself by re-innovating and gathering expert opinions through close R&D efforts mainly in the U.S.A, Singapore, Malaysia and Asia Region.

Product & Services

Enhancement using peptide concentrate to regulate wrinkles formation on the glabella and the frownlines.

Reduction of the eye fat pockets using natural seaweed ingredients. For severe eye bags conditions, combination with RF is strongly recommended.

Enhancement using peptide concentrate to regulate wrinkles formation at the crows feet and around the eye area.

Enhancement using natural growth factors to promote cell growth and stimulate fibroblast cell activities to reduce the sunken effect. May be combined with Eye Fat reduction.

Breaking fat deposit on both sides of lower face.

Breaking up of fats under the chin and firming up lower face area under the chin.

Firming of the under eyes loose skin, may be combined with eye fat/bags treatment at the same time.

Firming and relaxing lower facial muscles to tighten the skin. Creates facial contour effects. Ideal for for “C” shape smile, loose droppy jawline, double chin. A combination of natural ingredients are usually applied.

Resetting and stimulating natural cell growth on the nasolabial lines with progressive fibroblast.

Plumbing cheek and temporal area with natural cell growth factor for reducing the sunken effect at the cheek or the temporal areas.

Plumbing necklines with natural cell growth factors to reduce and fill the appearance of the horizontal neck lines due to ageing.

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