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At Wasabi, we believe in creating an environment conducive for practice; it should not be the claustrophobic experience of a sardine-packed class, nor should it feel like a military contingent, marching through mechanical movements and getting lost in 'organized confusion'. We won't try to fool you with a superficial state of the art studio; instead, we believe in providing you quality classes of no more than 15 students, for the space you need and for the attention we give our students.

We believe in promoting a philosophy for right and healthy living, so we 'de-mystify' yoga and offer a practical approach to meet your objectives. We want to share approaches to promote your physical well being, offer 'food' for the mind and find peace within yourself. This is undoubtedly a process of self-discovery, for a change to evolve; we can only meet you half way.

Observe your inner peace, and appreciate the 'sound' of silence. Are you ready for Practice?

Holistic teaching & yoga session are available here
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Products & Services


  • Basic Yoga
  • Light
  • Energy
  • Asthanga Yin & Yang
  • Pilates
  • Inner Balance


  • Mums with Kids
  • Maternity Yoga
  • Yoga for Back Pain
  • Corporate Yoga Healing
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Yoga therapy


  • Ayurveda Therapy
  • Consultation
  • Healing Hand training Course
  • Ayurveda Courses
  • Hypnosis Certification
  • Love Mind for Children
  • Yoga Lesson Books
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Books
  • Access BARs Books
  • VibesUp Books
  • Other
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Holistic teaching & yoga session are available here
learn a wide range of yoga techniques, learn from the masters
Yoga lessons avaliable
I like the different classes that you offer...not only for yoga pros but for newbies too!
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