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Have you been to Hotel 81? Well they have a lot of branches in Singapore. If you have friends or relatives from other countries who need to have temporary accommodation, then you can recommend to go for Hotel 81. It is very cheap and yet they have a lot of branches in Singapore to choose from.
19 May 2013 23:14:58
Chan Brothers is a well known travel agency in Singapore. They are one of the first in the industry to launch an online portal for flights, hotels and tour packages supported by our very own call center in Singapore!
19 May 2013 23:05:33
For Muslims, if you wish to spend your holiday visiting other countries but have doubt whether they serve Halal food, no worries. Shahidah Travel & Tours can guarantee you that they have agents who can bring you to restaurants or any eating places that are Halal certified. Why not go to Shahidah Travel & Tours to book your reservation now!
19 May 2013 22:58:37
Ming Seng Goldsmith have varieties of gold jewelleries. Prices are resonable and they have a lot of different kind of designs to choose from. Come down to Ming Seng Goldsmith to buy your love ones gold jewellery during special occasion!
19 May 2013 22:49:55
For our Malay ladies who are in the need to buy Malay Muslim ladies apparels, head down First Lady at Tanjong Katong Complex. First Lady brand is synonymous with excellent quality, current designs at affordable prices. It has been a household name catering to the lifestyle needs and demands for the Malay-Muslim market since the 1990s!
18 May 2013 21:03:23
Wanting to buy jewelry for your love ones or wife. You can head down to Golden Chance at Tanjong Katong Complex. They are specialize in a wide range of bangles, chains, bracelets, rings, pendants and other gold items!
18 May 2013 20:53:59
If you have just newly shifted to a new home who wants to have good window's design with curtains or blinds, I recommend D'sage. They are specializes in window treatment comprising window curtain and blinds. Apart from windows treatment, they are also provide services such as wallpapers, floor laminating and window tinting!
17 May 2013 15:20:58
YSH Optical is the best place for you or bringing your love ones to have eye check up. They have really good optometrists who can explain and give good advice on how you can take care of your eye. They are selling quite good looking spectacles' frames too with reasonable prices!
17 May 2013 15:07:35
If you need to servicing your aircon, I recommend you to choose Airconboy Engineering to do aircon servicing for you. They have specialized in the provision of repair, maintenance and even cleaning services for all types of air conditioning systems!
17 May 2013 14:54:24
If you guys want to service your vehicle, I recommend you to Hanip Automobiles.
A premier workshop associated with quality and honest service. It is the only workshop in Singapore which is owned and operated by a diagnostic specialist and master technician!
17 May 2013 14:47:08
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