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Whatzz Up Singapore ? A Guide on things to do for Singaporeans

Sleepiest Kitten Ever
  Feeling sleepy at work? On your way home from school? Munching on some snacks? Anytime is a good time to watch cat videos - especially ones of adorable kittens! ...

Tallest Drop Ride in the World
Be afraid, be very afraid. Touted as the Tallest Drop Ride in the World, this monster ride features a 41 storeys high drop in 10 seconds! Zumanjaro is opening in May 2014.  Roller Coaster addicts will love that there is an acompanying ...

Travel the world with women like you!
Want to travel the world but unsuccessful in dragging one of your girlfriends along with you? Travel network owners Christine and Grace have set up a women-only travel club called Thelma and Louise, as inspired by the popular TV series, to assist wom ...

Understanding why People Riot
Yesterday was a historic moment for Singapore – not in a good way. A riot involving 400 people broke out in Little India, at the junction of Race Course Road and Hampshire Road. This was after a fatal car accident reportedly involving an Indi ...

Vanished Planes

What is Bikram Yoga

What Really Happened To MH370
 This part of the Indian Ocean is only a tiny portion of the present search area - 469,407 square nautical miles of seasickness, about 2253 times bigger than the area of Singapore. The search team is racing to find the black boxes which ...

Worst Day At Work
Had a terrible day? It can't be worse than what this guy went through! Watch to relieve some stress - laughter is the best medicine. Or in this case, sneering at someone else's misfortune could help you feel better!     ...

ZoukOut: Not Your Average Night of Fun
Zoukout is held at Siloso Beach @ Sentosa. ...

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