It had to happen sooner or later. We already have VIPs, then VVIPs and now, get introduced to another social status that just seeks to make us go green with envy. Known as Commercially Important Person or CIP in short, this new title will be adorned by those who can cash their way through to the JetQuay lounge at Changi Airport . Totally exclusive, this standoff lounge will provide all the amenities equivalent of a spa retreat and a suite in a 5-star hotel, all rolled into one.

Taking a concept of exclusive lounges for heads of states and commercialising it, the rich and famous will be able to buy pass securities and long immigration queues for a fee. From the moment they arrive at the gate, they will be whisked away into the exclusive lounge by a chaperone and enjoy whatever their hearts please. Bags will be taken care of and security clearance will be settled within minutes. And while these CIPs wait for their flights, they can indulge the luxurious offerings available within the two-storied lounge. Comfort will be of top priority as well with their plush sofa chairs being placed here. Spa? Check. Gym? Check. A limousine to carry you off onto the tarmac where your plane is waiting for everyone else? Check! Naturally, there will also be a business centre for those important minutes that can amount to millions of dollars for those who are credible enough for this stature. This insanely rock-star lifestyle costs more than $ 10 million to realise for those in the joint-venture.

Fees will be predominantly membership-based. They are said to be cheaper than upgrading from an economy class to a business class seat, in the long run. While the business class enjoys the lounge provided by the airlines, those with a Jetquay membership get to enjoy this overtly opulent waiting area, also available in other states like Hong Kong and Shanghai . For those who value their privacy and their time, a CIP status will be the new tag you want to carry onboard. Only for the travelling elite, the social barriers have just been set up higher now. So, if you’re hoping to catch Elton John the next time he is in transit here, then be prepared to fork your cash out. Now all that’s missing is a group of scandal-crazed paparazzi to heighten you to that lifestyle of the rich and the famous. Don’t forget the air kisses!

Jet Quay Lounge
Tel: 6262 2220