Taxis are the easiest ways to go around Singapore, albeit more costly than the rest.

Taxis can be flagged on the streets or at taxi stands located at all train stations, malls and hotels. The initial flag down meter fare starts between S$3.00, S$3.60, S$3.80 to S$5.00, which covers the first 1 km. 

Extra charges, not shown on meter, may include:

  • A peak period surcharge;

  • Surcharge for passengers picked up from or entering the Restricted Zone of the Central Business District;

  • S$1.00 surcharge from 6.00pm on the eve of a public holiday (New Year's Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas Day) to midnight of that public holiday;

  • Midnight surcharge applies;

  • A surcharge for radiophone and premier taxi service;

  • An additional charge of at least S$3.00 to S$5.00 for trips originating from the Seletar Airport, Changi Airport and Singapore Expo;

  • Add 10 % of the fare for payment by credit card;

  • Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) scheme charges for entry into the Restricted Zone and major Expressways vary depending on the day and the time of the entry. Charges range between S$0.50 to S$2.50. You are required to pay for ERP charges incurred during the journey.

Different taxi companies impose different surcharges, so do check with the driver before you board the taxi. You can alsu use the streetdirectory App to calculate your taxi fare rate from point A to B. Download the app from appstore or Google Play. Search for Singapore Maps

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