From Wheelock Place, make your way through the underground pass to Shaw House and its main tenant Isetan, a large and popular Japanese department store.

First built in 1958, this is the home of Lido cinema or now known as Lido 8 Complex in

Orchard Road Singapore

.  In the 1980s, this building was tore down and was to build a 21 storey building with a basement. This was completed in 1993.

This is one of the popular place to watch your favourite movie blockbuster. Since 1993, it started only with 5 halls but was expanded with another 3 halls to keep up with the demands of the cinema market with the booming blockbuster movies.

Now, Lido 8 Complex houses with 8 screens on Levels 5 and 6. The main hall, Lido 1 can now has a capacity of over 900. This is the first hall in

Orchard Road Singapore

 to be certified a hall with SDDS, DTS, SRD and Dolby SR which the projection booth has the ability to connect one print in more than one hall to allow a blockbuster to be seen in several halls at a time.

The main store of Isetan in

Orchard Road Singapore

 occupies five floors with their Japanese supermarket in the basement. This is the most favourite haunt among the Japanese expatriates as the supermarket is well stocked with Japanese snacks, noodles, sushi and other grocery items.

I will for sure drop by in here to get myself a cute Japanese biscuit snack. Mostly because its unique different packaging than the usual snack that you will find in other supermarts.

Care for a snack? Shaw House also houses a couple of restaurants, and fast food outlets such as Crystal Jade, McDonald’s, Mos Burger.