Chicken rice cravings in the late nights can be satisfied at this quaint joint here. Located strategically at River Valley, the atmosphere here you get here will remind you of those documentaries on Hong Kong, where someone like Anthony Bourdain is going around trying the dishes. The stall has an open kitchen concept, with all their chickens being hung on display. On top of that, the staffs wear a chef hat each. It’s almost too cute/ bizarre to be taken seriously. But well, when you’re hungry, you judge by the taste and not your sights.

The dishes offered here do come in a variety with offerings of Indian mee goreng as well. However, when the store sign claims its chicken rice to be its pride and joy, naturally that’s what you should get. For a 2 am meal, it does come close to being 5-star, if you ask us. The rice has nice hints of chicken essence and the chickens are soft. The great thing here is that you get a choice of which part of the chicken you will want to try so you can really just indulge. Furthermore, they claim to use Kampong chicken, which means chicken bred in the villages. See, while we may not know the difference between village chickens and say, town ones, we know when our chickens are tender and juicy. So their claims might just be true.

Besides that, you have other options to accompany your chicken rice. The kang kong dish is spicy enough for your late night capper while the salad dough, really just fried dough with fillings inside, served as a good mix. If you ask us, we seem to have a full dinner meal. However, the prices there are quite reasonable considering the feast that we are having. The dishes starts off as low as $3.50 and can run up to past $20. However, you can easily determine the amount you want, since each price is directly related to how much you get on your servings.

The service is also quite apt. This is the first time that we actually got attended to immediately as we sat, given the weekend late night. On top of that, the food came out quite fast, given the amount of dishes we ordered. You will not be left hungry too long. You might take some time to decide, but they will not take forever with your orders. And safe to say, the food will come out piping hot, and not like they have been lying around since forever.

But you are advised to take into consideration the fact that the seats are limited. While they are set in an open-air style, the area can probably cater 50 people maximum, at any given time. So, if you know what you want one early morning, then you know where to head to. And make it snappy.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi