It’s a novel affair, screening movies in the open-field. Rarely do you get a chance to see Tom Cruise leap out of a moving car or Jennifer Aniston crying for a man or Wolverine in his tight latex, in the calmness of the open air. However, as exciting and romantic as this may sound, be forewarned of what lies ahead for you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

  1. Like it or not, the screenings are done in public. And traffic does not stop just because a huge movie screen is erected in a place usually filled with sweaty foreign men. So there will be the random rumblings of the bus, the mistimed screeching of a car and so on and so forth. Combine that with a sound system which may be surround, but not enclosed, and you pretty much have gotten yourself into sporadic moments of noise competition.

  2. As aware, there are no seats provided. So come prepared with something really comfortable to sit on. While deck chairs and lounge chairs are strict no-nos ( and rightfully so, we might add), you have the option to prop yourself with something like those triangular-shaped pillows that you can easily find at any pasar malam. It can get really uncomfortable trying to sit up straight for the entirety of a movie screening. As enticing as Hugh Jackman or Maggie Q may be, honey, they’re no cures for a backache.

  3. To make our case stronger, seating is not allocated. You have the option of coming early and guarding your territory. But then again, since movies start at eight, maybe you can plot against an innocent friend who will be left with the glorious task of becoming the jaga of your land plot. Also, there are two types of people you might want to watch out for. First are the couples. You sure don’t want to be sitting behind a pair of juveniles who are more interested in what’s inside each other’s tongue as opposed to what’s being screened. The second ones are the tall ones. This doesn’t need much explanation but if you insist… say they’re 1.85 metres tall, and their legs are say… 1 metres, do the math. This is how much of the movie you might miss out on.

  4. Food there is extremely limited. Sure, you get your options of popcorns and hotdogs but, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Pack yourself a picnic. Even better have dinner there with your friends, complete with your fried rice, chicken wings and the all enticing coke. All these will make your night complete and watch while those beside you salivate.

  5. Be considerate. If you have kids, it is highly ill-advised that you bring them along. Especially if they are prone to running around, screaming out loud or disturbing others. It’s not that we have anything against these bundles of joy, but hey, we paid for the tickets too! And this was never intended to be a silent screening with subtitles.

  6. More on being considerate, please do not engage in loud conversations, either with each other or on the phone. We don’t really care if your brother has the same jacket or your second auntie twice-removed has a perm just like that. We really don’t. Keep it short. Keep it simple. And bother your friends later.

  7. This is your one chance to display all acts of kiasuism. Get ready your umbrellas and ponchos. In the event that it rains, guess who will be sitting comfortably while the rest go scramping out of a field, where the nearest shelter is at least, a good 100 metres away?

  8. Lastly, dress comfortably. You will be sitting down on the floor. Not on a chair. So the last thing the world really needs is a flash of what’s beneath your clothes. Unless you’re really hot. By which, we firmly believe you should be up on the screens, and not sitting down with us mere mortals.
Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi