It’s cabaret in its rawest form. Having opened with much international celebration and local skepticism, Crazy Horse proved to be the next level of arts appreciation that is much-needed in Singapore. With a concept that is so foreign in our country, it is the perfect solution to an alternative night out.

Being the biggest venue in Singapore to showcase the 100 minutes performance, the vicinity is decorated in a most opulent of splendor. Lush red velvet themes is completed with splashes of gold and everything sparkly. Le Restaurant is a place so decadently set, that it is fit for a royal dinner. An open kitchen is placed at the end of the room, ensuring the freshness of the food. The food, however, was a simple affair, a contrast from what you will expect from a place of such a luxurious feel. Across Le Restaurant, Le Lounge is also another display of scarlet envy. With leather arm chairs and dark lighting to set off an almost haunting mood. Le Lounge seeks to impress, though it can come off as overwhelmingly luxurious.

The performance is set in a 450-seat theatre, designed like a bar. Think Western movie feel, but only this time, it’s upholstered in red and gold, with swiveling seats and private box seats. These seats are categorised according to prices, from $85 to $250, so the closer you want to be to the stage, the more you should be willing to fork out. However, given that the bar is not too far from the stage, as you would imagine for it to be, perhaps there’s not much of a need to spend more than you can afford.

The act begins with the girls marching in a toy-soldier get-up. And by get-up, we mean semi-nude. One thing noticeably outstanding is the choice of women on display. Spain will be glad to know that all these women are of healthy physique, with none bordering towards anorexia. All of them proved their dancing background, which makes their dance sets all the more professional. Saved by this fact, Crazy Horse actually managed to bring across a message so provocative, yet almost- classy. The light displays are absolutely stunning. When played against the nude female form, these lights and colours interact with the curvaceous Eden physique to project a complete work of art. Aesthetically pleasing, the acrobatic moves of some of the acts more than answered the questions of the necessity these women being in the nude. Although there was a lack of audience interaction, this show had its witty moments amidst the nifty dance moves set against the old-world glam of jazz music.

Looking at what is actually offered on the platter, it is no surprise that Crazy Horse’s opening while celebrated by theatre purveyors, came with a lot of slack from the rest. With an extremely high ticket price and a highly dubious costume range, it can be misjudged as just a high-class strip show. However, in line with Singapore’s position of becoming a truly global arts center, Crazy Horse is really the push that Singaporeans need to get into the renaissance mindset. This show is elegant, poised, sensual and without hints of Britney Spears’ cry for attention. This is anchored for full arts appreciation , set in the tone of a celebration of the female form. And ladies, you can learn a thing or two from them, to spice up your love life.

Crazy Horse
Tel : 6336 1800

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi