Shah Alam Restaurant, Late-Night Flavours Of India

Sure, Boat Quay has its options of drinking holes, pick up joints, and dinner sharks. But when it comes to the late-night essentials, where do you go? When hunger strikes at the unearthly hour of 2 am , who will come to your rescue? When you just need to wind-down, who will be just a hop and a skip away? What you want, what all of us want, is to find a good old place, that’s unpretentious, cheap and with the least amount of travel required. And Shah Alam fits the bill perfectly.

Located strategically behind Boat Quay, Shah Alam restaurant will serve traditional Indian supper delights for the nocturnal and the hungry. Already quite the establishment amidst the local clubbing scene, this restaurant is always busy once the clock strikes 3 in the morning, on the weekends. On weekdays, it closes earlier though, since Boat Quay is not exactly packed on the earlier days of the week. Its popularity is obvious with the diners that spill out all the way to neighbouring shop houses. Either decked in clubbing gear or dressed down in casual wear, they provide an atmosphere there that is reminiscent of driving down to Johor Bahru for a late dinner.

The waiters are highly attentive and also, very friendly. Although, during their peak periods, they can be seen running around, trying impossibly to attend to the huge crowd there. Famous for their mee goreng, they serve this delicacy piping hot. Most diners agree that there’s a very unique taste to this otherwise-common offering. It is less spicy than most, and yet, has enough flavours to drive your taste buds to overdrive. With a fried egg at the side, the $3.50 dish is a staple for those who crave their wake-up jolts in small doses. Other than that, their options include the roti prata and Indian rojak, a mixture of fried food drowned in spicy sauce. The prates come in various options, such as cheese, mushroom and egg. While they are not exactly the most outstanding ones in the menu, they are still worth the try. After all, you can never really go wrong with a cook who has been pleasing crowds for years.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi