Image (C) Vanessa Chea

Opened since 5 July 2005, Esplanade is Singapore's most exciting performance. Located at the waterfront, Esplanade is known for its dome shaped roofs, where from afar they could look like a durian, or a bug's eyes.

Esplanade houses a 1600 seat concert hall, a 2000 seat theatre, theatre and studios, outdoor theatre, with their dining services. Over here, apart from theatres and studios, a small mall, a bunch of cosmopolitan food outlets and the library@Esplanade

Well, back in the olden days, Esplanade is a recreational area especially with the upper class community. Back in the late 1800s, these people were having tea at their homes about 4 in the evening before leaving home between 5pm and as sunset to the Singapore River with their carriages. This is the time that they gather together, where the men and women would talk and chatter over news and issues of any interest. Here,

love and romance

 blooms as young girls flirtatiously gossip with the men, as they chew the fat.

In 1953, couples frequently sauntered along Queen Elizabeth Walk, a boulevard commemorating the ceremony of the queen's monarch. The famous Satay Club was here, where most could be seen having their supper.

With the new Theatres on the Bay, Esplanade,  couples could enjoy the scenic view of the horizon. One could enjoy a myriad of international and local performances for entertainment, outdoors and indoors.