Fort Canning has a long history that goes as far as the 14th century when it was still during the reign of the Malay Kingdom, Temasek.

Also known to the Malays as Bukit Larangan, or Forbidden Hill, this represents the presence of Malay royalty in the olden days. Fort Canning is now a unique city park with countless performances.

Day by day, with young couples exchanging vows at the Registry of Marriages (ROM). Fort Canning Hill has recreational gardens, filled with the sweet scent of lemongrass, cloves, pandan plants and the 'tongkat ali' plants with couples posing for pictures with scenic views of the town. This is a favourite love haunt even with tombs as these used to also be a Christian cemetery.

Want to share a private moment with your love? You can find the most private seats at the summit of the Fort Canning Hill,  and you will certainly find yourselves stargazing.