Anderson Bridge

Opened since 1910, Anderson Bridge was to replace the congested Cavenagh Bridge as it was unable to cope with the increasing traffic.

Lovers love to gaze at the moon or look at their reflections on the waters. The places along the river always had been popular dating spots. In the olden days, when lovers got tired, they sat on beaches and ate hawker food sold along the Singapore.

Surprisingly, on 'Chap Goh Mei', last day of Chinese New Year also represents the Chinese Valentine's Day. In the olden days, singles also get together to celebrate at this bridge. The ladies would the throw into the river, some oranges and likewise, the men threw in some apples. All in search of a good partner. This tradition is still thriving in some parts of Malaysia, and they are attaching along their names and mobile numbers to these oranges.

However, with Singapore's ever changing development in the Marina Esplanade area, the metal bridge still looks at its age. On the downside, I don't think flinging fruits down in the river now is permitted. Still, the bridge attracts couples to the Singapore River these days.