This is one of the oldest temples in Singapore, which was built back in the 1820s by mainly sailors and traders from China to seek the god's help for safety on the rough seas.

A black idol sits in this temple with red strings and flowing beard who is believed to be the elder of the moon deity, Yue Lao. He is believed to be a matchmaker who ties red strings between couples who are destined for each other. And these red strings symbolize the presence of marriage,

love and romance

.  In the olden days, the sailors and traders pray to Yue Lao, who helps them in search of the special partner.

Loose strings symbolises the misery of those who have not found their loved ones. To avoid this, simply place a red string, which is sold at 10 cents, and mutter a prayer. You can even scribble notes on red prayer papers and then burning it in their huge incense burners. Yue Lao also is deity for happiness, preserving good relation ties with family, relatives and friends.

Yue Lao also is deity for happiness, maintaining good relationship with family and friends.

Written by:
Farhana Selamat