What could be a confectionary be so romantic about? Located in Chinatown, South Bridge Road,  Tong Heng Chinese confectionary has been around since the 1920, are now known for their long history of their gorgeous pastries.

However, they do bake other kinds of Chinese pastry, and since Valentine's Day is around the corner, surprise your loved ones with the wife biscuit instead the normal rich dinners and flowers. Otherwise also known as, lao po bing in Mandarin it is a pastry in a form of the round and flat, light flaky crust.

The history of the loa pao bing comes from an old folklore about a loyal wife who sold herself to slavery to raise money to cure her elderly in laws. Therefore to save her, her husband cooked up the pastry and sold it for her release. Therefore, the pastry he had made for his love has become a love and romance symbol. Hence, men are also proposing with these traditional pastries to their loved ones. Interestingly, Jeff Chan, Taiwanese soap star, was proposed by a male fan!!

Another popular option for pastries, the Dragon Phoenix Cake, stuffed with lotus seed paste and the Harmony Crisps with Mixed Seeds are pastries which are given to wedding banquet symbolizing love and romance between newly-weds. All of these snacks are deliciously sweet.

Other pastries symbolizing love and romance for celebration during weddings are the lotus seed paste, the Dragon Phoenix Cake and the Harmony Crisps with mixed seeds. These snacks are all deliciously sweet.

This is certainly a unique option this Valentine, as we revive the past memories into the future.

Tong Heng Confectionery
285 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058833


Written by:
Farhana Selamat