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If you are planning to drive in Singapore, here are some information on ERP which you must know.

Why ERP?
Due to the overwhelming and continual increase in motor vehicle purchases over the years the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) was set up by the authorities to keep the roads significantly free of congestion.

How does it Work?
This scheme will require motorists travelling on selected major roads and expressways to pay a fee during its set operation hours.

In the case of foreign motorists passing through these specific areas, all they need do is either rent or buy an In-Vehicle Unit (IU). Those who travel to Singapore frequently they can choose to install it permanently for a hassle free means of payment for the ERP fees.

Should one decide not to rent or install an IU, a fixed fee scheme which began on the 1st of September 2003 has been employed, this scheme however, is only applicable for foreign registered cars that do not have an IU installed. Those who opt for this particular method of payment are required to fork out a lump sum of SGD 5 dollars per day (with unlimited access to these selected roads) together with the VEP (Vehicle Entry Permit) and toll charges by way of the autopass card when departing Singapore .

This Scheme is mode of control to maintain a good flow of traffic at any one time on our limited road space. A fair pricing system is adopted as payment is only required with the usage of roads during peak hours.

Every year, on a quarterly basis the LTA (Land Transport Authorities) will review the traffic conditions and adjust the prices accordingly so as to minimise bottlenecking on the roads. Thus far, the ERP has succeeded in sustaining a maximum speed range of 45 to 65km/h for expressways and 20 to 30km/hr for arterial roads.

What if I dont have one?
The ERP system uses a short-range radio communication system to detect vehicles passing by the gantry and thereby automatically deducting the charges from the CashCards which should have already been inserted in the In- Vehicle units.

In situations where motorists whose Cashcards are not inserted properly or have insufficient monetary value for the deduction of ERP charges, letters requesting payment of the outstanding ERP charges will be issued to them within a few days of the violation. These motorists would not only have to pay for the outstanding amount but have to pay an administrative fee of $10 in addition to that, within two weeks from the date of the letter.

A discounted price of $8 would be charged if payment is made by way of the following channels:

  • LTA's One.Motoring website AXS stations
  • Self-service Automated Machines (SAMs) at post offices
  • VPost
  • Automated teller machines
  • Telephone and internet banking services

Otherwise, make your payment through the Post Offices available island wide (do remember to bring your payment letter when doing so) or you may also visit the LTA Office at 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701 personally or mail them a cheque, clearly stating the vehicle number and notice number, at the same address stated above.

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