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Whatzz Up Singapore ? A Guide on things to do for Singaporeans

3D Printed Houses
Yes, we can now PRINT houses. Extra emphasis on 'print', because really, 5 years ago, who would have guessed that the occassionally malfunctioning printer at our homes and offices...will have the potential of producing amazing things like human ...

Amazing Frontflip with Wheelchair
  This is the Nitro Circus event in Anaheim, California. Viewers’ minds were blown by one simple trick -  a front flip after a launch from the megaramp in a wheelchair. This clearly shows that we set our minds to something, eve ...

Amazing Waterproofing Spray
  Imagine a world where you may never need an umbrella ever again. Dry off from the rain, have your clothes stay dry and get back to your agenda for the day. Play socceer in a muddy field, get home and not wash your shoes!Feed ...

Check Out This High Tech Retractable Stair Lift Platform
Sometimes, even the shortest flight of stairs can be a major inconvenience when you're old, injured or carrying heavy baggage. That is why we think that this system will be so useful for those with disabilities, the elderly, and even parents with ...

Gold Ferrari
    This is about as flashy as it gets. A Ferrari 458 Spider wrapped in gold foil! This show stopper caught attention of practically everyone who walked past. The car is said to belong to an Iraqi kick-boxing world-champ, so think tw ...

GV Vivocity – Singapore’s largest multi-cinema complex unveiled on 7th October
Besides shopping and eating, Singaporeans sure love catching a choice movie that promises them a good two hours of entertainment. Cinema giant Golden Village , or better known as GV, has once again outdone itself by opening the largest Cineplex in th ...

Ice Cream Bartender
Wait for it.... Ever been tricked by a Turkish Ice-cream seller? His tricks are nothing compared to these guys. This display of ice-cream bartending is simply a combination of the same amazing skills one would witness at a tepanyaki restaurant or ...

Illegal Parachute Down NYC Freedom Tower
  Four men climbed the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower in New York City at 3 a.m. on Sept. 30, 2013. Three of them parachuted down while one kept a lookout — and they've got footage to prove it. The Freedom Tower is 3.2 times the height of ...

Interesting Snapshots & Map Facts of Singapore
Singapore Roads Oldest Road - Serangoon Road is possibly Singapore’s oldest road, marked on ancient maps as “The Road Through the Island”. Longest Road - Yio Chu Kang Road is the longest road in Singapore, apart from e ...

Karma Exists
A comforting belief to have is that there is a higher power watching over us all. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Even the bad ones. Did someone do something unpleasant to you today?Watch this video & be comforted by the f ...

Lamborgini Aventador Crash Sends It Airborne!
This is probably a six-figure supercar owner’s (and Lamborghini fans) worst nightmare! In this video, the matte black Lamborghini Aventador is seen crashing into a Mazda 5 hatchback, Nissan Qashqai crossover as well as a BMW sedan at the ups ...

Rats Are Better At Tricks Than Dogs

Rats Are Better At Tricks Than Dogs
  Be amazed! Rats have been known to be intelligent creatures, but we bet you never thought about how intelligent they were till you watch this video.Can your dog walk a tight rope? Can it fetch your papers? These rats can! M ...

Robot Cook For Kitchens
Is this a restaurant owner's dream-come-true? With this machine, more food can be cooked in a quicker time, and they will all taste as good! However, if all eating places convert to using robotic cooks, we will lose the human touch to our m ...

Silly Dog Flies Into Couch
Back from lunch and about to fall asleep? Have a good laugh to get right back awake!  Slow motion technology is one of mankind’s top technological achievements. You can tell this video is a true masterpiece because, despite being obvi ...

Singapore Acronyms
Some acronyms are just universal. For our sake , and since we are a family website, we shall not dwell into them. But for the lost souls, what is an acronym? It is a word formed from each of the first letters of a descriptive phrase. It is also a typ ...

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