Want to travel the world but unsuccessful in dragging one of your girlfriends along with you? Travel network owners Christine and Grace have set up a women-only travel club called Thelma and Louise, as inspired by the popular TV series, to assist women in seeking out like-minded travel partners to explore the world. There are various types of travel programs designed to suit different personalities and interests. From Art tours in the United Kingdom to a trek round the Great Wall of China , there is always something for everyone. The upcoming adventure tours that commences in 2007 gets set to embark their participants on a dazzling range of activities that promises to deviate from the normal. Starting from late February to November, cycling enthusiasts can expect some serious riding action around the Nile , Paris , London and the exotic Egyptian Mt Sinai Desert. Other programs also include trekking around some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Inca and the Great Wall of China . For the budget conscious, fret not as Thelma and Louise offers its participants great opportunities for discounted rates with many tours, hotels and restaurants.

Lynda Doukanaris is one of the many women who have taken the leap and went on a mountain climbing trip to Epirus , Greece . Inspired to explore this remote village after reading a moving novel called Eleni by Nicholas Gage, Lynda found her experience to be memorable and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that she met along the way.

Visit their website today for more details on their programs, registration procedures and do read up on other interesting travel stories offered by the club members! http://www.thelmandlouise.com