Some acronyms are just universal. For our sake , and since we are a family website, we shall not dwell into them. But for the lost souls, what is an acronym? It is a word formed from each of the first letters of a descriptive phrase. It is also a type of abbreviation.

These are some of the common acronyms that are unique but commonly used in Singapore. Travelers new to Singapore may get lost or confused over our local lingo but fret not as we try my best to combine a list of acronyms commonly used and heard here. Otherwise, you'll be lost without it.

CBD - Central Busincess District

COE - Certificate Of Entitlement

CPF - Central Provident Fund

CTE - Central Expressway

ECP - East Coast Parkway

ERP - Electronic Road Pricing

GV - Golden Village (cinemas)

HDB - Housing Development Board

LTA - Land Transport Authority

MRT - Mass Rapid Transport

MAS - Monetary Authority of Singapore

RCS - Radio Corporation of Singapore

ROM - Registry Of Marriage

SBS - Singapore Bus Services

SGH - Singapore General Hospital

SPH - Singapore Press Holdings

TCS - Television Corporation of Singapore

TPE - Tampines Expressway

PAP - People's Action Party

PIE - Pan Island Expressway

UA - United Artists (cinemas)

Of course there are more to the list but the above are just some common ones to help you get around Singapore. Well, as Singaporeans are not just all work and no fun people, here is a quick humorous guide on the above the acronyms used otherwise - 'creatively'.

The real meaning behind all the Abbreviations:

  • In Singapore, living in Highly Dangerous Buildings (HDB), most people have already got used to Paying and Paying(PAP). Not only do you pay, you Pay Until Bankrupt (PUB). If that's not enough, somebody still Purposely Wants to Dig (PWD) more from you.

  • So what more can you do when you are in the Money Only Environment (MOE)? With the current Mad Accounting System (MAS), you are forced to Pay the Sum Ahead (PSA), which left some people Permanently Owe Some Banks (POSB) and live on Loan Techniques Always (LTA) system.

  • When you are sick, you might be able to use your Cash Prior to Funeral (CPF) fund, if you happen to be admitted to the Money Operating Hospital(MOH) one time.If you are out of luck you may meet doctors who Never Use Heart (NUH) to treat you and you will be Sure to Give up Hope (SGH).

  • To help ease the traffic, motorist have to pay Cash On Expressway (COE). If that doesn't help, they can always Eternally Raise Prices (ERP) on the roads. If you don't own a car, you can always make a Mad Rush to Train (MRT) OR get squashed in a bus, Side By Side (SBS).

  • Lastly, under all these pressure, there are not many places we can relax,not even the good old place we used to go because it has become. So Expensive and Nothing To See Actually (SENTOSA)!!!'

By the way please don’t take this seriously. Singapore is really a fun place to be in. These are just some jokes we heard from one MC at a D&D on a TGIF night.