This must be every parent's worst nightmare - to have a knife-wielding carjacker drive off in your vehicle, WITH your baby still in the backseat!!

A mother had just put away her baby stroller and groceries into her car at this shopping mall's parking lot in Leganes, south of Madrid.

Before she even started the engine, a carjacker hopped into her passenger seat, and threatened her at knifepoint to turn over her car to him, or else.

For the consideration of her 16 month old baby in the backseat, this mother tried to calmly reason with the carjacker, pleading only for him to allow her to get her child out first, and then he can have his way.

However, her plea fell on deaf ears as he simply drove off, despite her and passersby attempting to stop him.

The carjacker picked up his girlfriend in the stolen vehicle shortly after.

Thankfully, the little baby was found unharmed later in the abandoned car left roughly a mile away. The police also managed to arrest the carjacker due to him leaving his fingerprints in the car.

No matter, it was a terribly traumatizing experience for both mother and child. It's with thorough relief that nothing bad happened to the innocent little infant.

This video serves as a reminder to us all not to be negligent. Stay alert at all times. Do NOT flaunt cash or valuables that will attract unwanted attention.

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