However modern and forward-thinking Indians in Singapore are today, they still retain the customs and traditions of their forefathers. Religion, family ties and food continue to be an integral part of their lives. Vibrant festivals and exuberant multi-generation family affairs with much-anticipated feasting are a fitting testimony to this.

A colourful, thriving hub of activity, Little India will truly fascinate all your senses. From the riot of colours in jeweled-hued saris and brilliant flower garlands, to the tantalizing aroma of its delectable cuisine, to the pulsating beat of a Hindi pop-song, to the thrill of having an intricate henna ‘tattoo’ or even your fortune told by a bird.

Here, shops abound with brassware, fabrics, bangles and traditional snacks or sweets. Jewellery stores are sometimes found beside pawnshops. And side streets may reveal a fully-restored building adjoining one that’s crumbling and deserted.

And while the Indians have proudly put their own unmistakable stamp on the area, it has not remained untouched by other Asian influences. You will be pleasantly surprised find a Chinese-style market and hawker centre here, with churches and mosques located nearby.

Places of Interest

Try This!

  • Henna decoration at Little India Arcade
  • Have your fortune told by a parrot, at the corner of Upper Dickson Road and Serangoon Road
  • Picture-taking in traditional costume along Little India’s Arts Belt

Gifts of Little India

  • Jewellery boxes inlaid with little mirrors and colourful beads.
  • Bangles and brassware
  • Sari fabric and perfumed oils
  • Ayurvedic remedies and incense sticks
  • Exquisite gold jewellery

Types of Food available in Little India

  • Banana leaf meal along Race Course Road
  • Vegetarian food
  • Prata and tea tarik at street stalls
  • Indian sweets and desserts at Little India Arcade – gulam jamun, paan and more
  • Hand-made yoghurt from street peddlers
  • Get our comprehensive Reviews of Restaurants in Little India by SD Food Advisor

You should try and spend a day here (if you are into shopping) or half a day (just to walk around) in Little India and explore this town. We have provided this useful Walking Tour guide around Little India to help you discover this enchanting cultural village.

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