In a city-state that prides itself on stressing the importance of education, it is heartening to see so many options available to expat and local alike in Singapore . For parents there are many wonderful options available in the Lion City that will ensure that your child’s educational path gets off on the right foot. From enrichment programmes to speech and drama classes, from local institutions to international schools, the world of early childhood education in Singapore is a thriving community centred on getting the little ones off to a great start in life.

Programmes for preschool children are varied and serve different needs and purposes. Make sure that you do your homework before enrolling your child and don’t be afraid to ask specifics when consulting an early childhood education centre.

Some pre-schools you may want to consider include:

  • Pat’sSchoolhouse
    Founded by early childhood educator Patricia Koh, Pat’s Schoolhouse offers programmes from infant-care to K2 and beyond in it’s ten centres around Singapore . Reputed for pioneering its successful bi-lingual immersion programme in 1988, Pat's Schoolhouse continues to stride ahead of its time through its creative and innovative early childhood preschool and enrichment programmes. For a list of Pat’s Schoolhouse Centre’s please consult the website listed below or contact them via email or telephone.

          Address : Pat’s School House
          Tel : 296-2668

  • Lorna Whiston Pre-school
    Lorna Whiston places a significant emphasis on the development of early reading skills. They use an exciting range of big books, class sets of stories for shared reading and interactive reading games to ensure that each child grasps the essential foundations of literacy skills. Children receive a thorough grounding in phonics and are taught to apply their knowledge of the letter sounds to reading and spelling. Lorna Whiston’s early years programmes aim to develop the all-round potential of each individual child and to lay the foundation of English language in a secure and caring environment.

          Add : 9 Winchester Road
          Tel : 6272 8826

  • Julia Gabriel Centre/Chiltern House
    Started 16 years ago from within her own home, the Julia Gabriel Centre and it’s partner school Chiltern House, very much reflect the unique educational visit of Julia Gabriel herself.In Julia’s words. “ Our centres echo with the joy, fun and sense of achievement that I shared with my first students. Our subject is approached in a way that makes learning fun. The environment is welcoming, and every student is valued as an individual. I am confident that our hand-picked specialist team will provide you and your children with essential communication skills for the 21st century - and the confidence to use them well.” With centres now open as far away as India and Shanghai, the Julia Gabriel Centre’s in Singapore remain a thriving and bustling community of toddlers, pre-schoolers, infants and parents. For more information on Julia Gabriel Centre:

          Julia Gabriel Add : 583 Orchard Road, #04-00 Forum
          Email :
          Tel : +65 6733-4322

          Chiltern Add : 7 Crescent Road
          Email :
          Tel : +65 63466130

Written by:
Stephen O’ Rourke