Do You Have Excuse-itis When Looking for a Job?

by : Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

How many times have you done or heard someon else say: "I don't have the time, I don't have the money, I don't have my family behind me, and on and on"?

This excuse-itis is worse than pro- crastination. Procrastination implies that you will eventually get something done. Excuses, however, are just little fears in disguise. It is hard to approach employers and ask for a job. The big fear comes out of the little one, which is REJECTION.

So, it is easier to complain, tell others that there are no jobs, stay at home doing chores, and fill in time that could be spent contacting others about jobs.

The continuing withdrawal from looking for a job is close to a mental impediment, which can lead to depression, illness, anger, alcohol indulgence, etc.

Now what can the hapless job seeker do except to hide? The best of all ways is to take action, regardless of the big, bad word of rejection. There might be many no words, but in looking for the: "You're hired" phrase, sure beats excuse-itis.