Moving? Get Ready With This Preparedness Checklist!

by : Kris Kombrink

So you're getting ready to move into a new home congratulations! Make this transition as easy as possible by reading these handy tips on getting you and your family prepared. There's a lot that must get done when you move into a new house. Some things can easily be overlooked. You don't want to have a bad moving experience and sit there after the fact realizing what you should have done differently.

Let's get prepared to move! The first thing you should do is to decide what you should and should not move. Think about having a garage sale. Not only will you lighten the load for your move, you'll earn a little cash at the same time!

Make sure to get estimates from several moving companies or truck rental companies, depending on how you plan to make the move. I was quite surprised during my last move to find that costs varied greatly from one company to the next.

Plan your travel itinerary and make any transportation and lodging reservations in advance. Make sure to leave a copy with friends or family.

Transfer your checking and savings accounts. Many financial institutions will be happy to open your new account by mail. This will save you a step when you arrive and have other things to deal with like unpacking!

Request medical records from doctors and dentists, including eye glass prescriptions, dental x-rays and vaccinations.

Obtain your children's school records to make for an easier transfer.

One step that is guaranteed to save you headaches is to draw up a floor plan of where your furniture should be placed. This will help avoid confusion for you and your movers once you arrive.

Remember to pay any existing bills and close out any local accounts.

If this move is employment-related, record expenses incurred during your house-hunting trips and any other moving expense. Some of these common expenses are tax deductible.

Moving is a stressful time for almost anyone. Use these tips to make your move a little more enjoyable. After all, you're moving into a new house, this should be an exciting time!