The Buyers Agent

by : Tyler Fawcett

The buyers agent plays a pivotal role in the process of the home sale. Buyer's agents are specialized real estate agents who concern themselves with assisting buyers to find their prefect home. Usually the buyers agent will network with the other agents in he area and in their office to keep abreast of the inventory of available homes. In being aware of an area's inventory, the buyers agent can use this knowledge to match listed homes to potential buyers with ease.

The second aspect of the buyers agent's responsibility comes after an offer has been made on a home. Negotiations can be a tricky and emotional thing, a buyers agent is a skilled negotiator who will strive to get you the best deal possible on the most favorable terms. The buyers agent also arranges all of the inspections that are necessary for a home to sell. Should the home not pass the inspection, the buyers agent can liaise with the listing agent to attempt to come to a fair and reasonable solution for all involved parties. This may involve the buyer walking away from the deal or perhaps the listing agent and home seller making some concessions on price.

When purchasing a home you deserve the same service and protection that the seller of the home is receiving. The services of a buyers agent are a valuable asset that will help to ensure that your concerns and needs are seen to in a timely and professional manner. They protect you at every stage of the buying process, informing you, seeing that you have the proper resources to make your decision and ensuring that the other participants in the deal fulfill their obligations.