Things you Should Ask your Realtor

by : Tyler Fawcett

There are so many realtors working in any given real estate market, how can you be sure that you have the right one? Selling your home is a huge undertaking and it requires both time and professionalism. Here are a few things that you can ask your prospective realtor to ensure that you are getting the best possible representation in the market.

1. Are you a full time realtor? This is important because selling your home is a full time job. You need a representative that can dedicate their full attention to the task at hand.

2. Are you always available? This goes hand in hand with #1. A dedicated realtor will always be available to field questions about your property and to show off your home. The real estate market runs 24/7, so should your realtor.

3. What's your track record like? One of the best indications of the ability of a realtor is how many homes they have sold. This is also a good indication of how much effort your realtor is willing to put into a given project.

4. What's the marketing plan for my home? This is definitely an area that you should spend some time researching. In real estate, marketing is one of the single most important aspects of the home sale. A good realtor will cover all of the primary media outlets that are available. Full color newspaper ads, open houses and a web site are essential.

5. What kind of web presence do you have? In today's real estate market the importance of a solid web presence cannot be stressed enough. Most buyers will look on the internet long before they start visiting homes and you want your home to be easily accessible on the web.

6. Do you work with a team? Agents that utilize teams have some distinct advantages in that more people and hours can be dedicated to the selling of your property. Also, people can be reached to answer questions and relay information about your home at all hours. Many teams also have buyers agents as members, this can help in bringing more potential buyers to your home.

7. References. Never be afraid to ask your realtor for references. Nothing will speak more highly of their abilities than the testimonials of happy and satisfied customers. If they are hesitant to give references, you should be hesitant to give them your business.

The real estate business is a high stakes game. What's on the line? Your home. You should always be comfortable and completely confidant in the ability of your realtor to help you realize the best possible profit when you sell your home. Take some time and do your homework when choosing someone to sell your home. It's likely one of the most important transactions you will ever be involved in.