Old Home Hazards

by : Tyler Fawcett

Lately, old character homes have been selling like crazy throughout the country. There is a real move to restore these beautiful old home. however, there are some definite concerns that need to be addressed in purchasing an older home. Hopefully this article will help you to be better educated on some of the points of concern that are attached to these beautifully styled homes.

One thing that should always be checked thoroughly is the foundation. Old foundations can start to crack and deteriorate as many foundations were not sealed on the interior side of the foundation at that time. New practices have brought new standards in the construction industries. Don't forget that the homes that are being built now have the standards they do because of lessons learned from homes built in the early 1900's. The biggest concern with foundations is leaks. Is there water seepage into the basement? If so, this can be costly to fix. It can also create other problems and health risks like mold. Another aspect of bad foundations is Radon. sealing the basement as mentioned before is a good way to prevent this naturally occurring gas from entering your home. The presence of Radon in homes has been linked to lung cancer, so be sure to test for Radon before buying.

Another good idea is to check for anything that contains lead, be it pipes or paint. Both were utilized extensively in the construction oh homes in the early part of the 1900's and right up until the 1980 in some forms. The final concern with old homes is asbestos. Asbestos releases a toxic dust that can be extremely bad for the health of people living in the home. Currently a special license is required to work with asbestos.

Be careful when purchasing an older home, it may not be up to standard with today's building techniques and requirements. If there is any doubt about these items, consult with your realtor and a certified inspector. These professionals should be able to identify and give suggestions on fixing any problems that may occur.