The Magic of Curb Appeal

by : Tyler Fawcett

Whether you are selling your home, or simply trying to improve your homes value, there is nothing that can improve the appearance of your home quite like the magic of curb appeal. Curb Appeal is not one single thing, but a collection of things that one can do to improve the overall appearance of their home. There are mostly concerned with the process of beautifying the facade and landscaping of a given home in order to draw more attention from buyers of simply to make you happier with your most precious asset.

An attention to the aesthetic values of your home can help you to realize a greater profit during the sales process. Here are some things to think about when setting out to improve your home's appeal.

Landscaping plays an important role in the visual appeal of your home. Stand out at the end of your driveway and assess the way your yard looks. Take into account all aspects as if you were seeing the home for the first time. Try to put yourself into the role of a prospective buyer. Now, what could use improving? Make a list as you survey the property, chances are things like, weedy gardens, un-trimmed edges on the lawn and un-pruned trees and shrubs will crop up on the list. Take some time and correct these things as they can go a long way towards drawing people to your home. Weedy gardens can be easily fixed with the use of mulches, these impair weed growth and look great. Take a trimmer and go around the edges of the lawn, then prune back those hedges. Giving the hedges a uniform cut really improves their appearance.

With the yard taken care of let's turn out attention to the house itself. As the central or focal point of the property, the house should be in pristine condition to capture the attention of prospective buyers. Starting with a new coat of paint is a good idea. Choice of color is important at this stage as you will want to choose a color that is attractive to a large number of people. It also might be worth your time and effort to resurface the driveway if the pavement or concrete is cracked or showing signs of wear. Additionally this is a good time to fix or replace any old or clouded windows. These are things that a prospective buyer will notice during the home inspection process.

Never forget that your home has to stand out amongst the many homes that are available on your local real estate market. If you see to it that you curb appeal is as good as it can possibly be, buyers will remember your home.