Furniture not Included

by : Barbara Thorp

Unless you are looking at a 'walk in-walk out' sale when browsing online real estate, then you had better look at the structure of the homes for sale you are viewing and not the 'tricks' that have made them look especially attractive.

Real Estate for Sale.

When buying real estate, one is faced with several choices: either we search through real estate listings in the paper, log on to online real estate, or drive and scout for 'homes for sale' signboards out on the frontyard of property. Whatever it is, we want to make the best choice possible. Real estate agents online can assist you in your purchase of your next home. Should you choose to search homes offline, there are equally respectable newspaper listings as well.

Viewing Real Estate Property Wisely.

Consider this scenario: You decide to go look at potential homes for sale in and happen to walk into an absolutely beautiful home with stunning furniture. It's enough to make you want to make an offer.

Now, we all know that when someone sells something, they do their utmost to make it attractive. This is a general and unwritten rule that runs across all products, and services, and of course, real estate for sale. Indeed, a mainstay in the selling philosophy of real estate is the concept of street appeal.

At the centre of this concept are the captivated emotions of a potential buyer. Moreover, vendors and real estate agents know that buying a home is always an emotional decision. Whether they like it or not, people's feelings and 'love at first sight' will always factor in on their decision to buy their next home. Of course, ideally, they should get both appeal value and money value from the property for sale at the same time. Now this, of course, brings us to the subject of furnishings in real estate for sale.

When viewing homes, you have to be very watchful and prudent. Typically, you will look at many homes before finding just the one that outshines the rest. This procedure can be so frustrating that it can wear you down.

If you get to this point, after searching online real estate viewing homes for sale, you need to be vigilant when it comes to your emotions. Simply put, you need to distinguish between the structure and the interior decorating of real estate for sale, and know what really matters.

Real Estate for Sale or Merely Display Homes?

Step back for a minute and think about the display homes in a new development. What does the developer do to make them look appealing? They invest in a decorator who will equip them with the most costly appliances and astounding furnishings.

Most display homes look like something out of a glossy magazine and something you could only dream of living in. Furthermore, if you look carefully the furniture may not even be the sort of stuff you can live with day in and day out and may be purely decorative and not functional at all.

The problem, of course, is the furnishings rarely come with the home. This brings us to the realistic fact that while the place may look stunning with the current furniture and fittings, but how is it going to look with YOUR furniture?

When shopping for homes, whether it is online real estate or from the local paper, keep in mind that you are buying the house, not the showy interior decorating. There are lots of sites that has pages of online real estate, rental properties and commercial real estate, which will help out in your search for a new home.

Think Logically.

If you fall in love with a home for sale, make a list of the things you like about it. Don't analyse too much; just write down whatever comes to mind. Now take away all the furnishings. What do you have left? Is there anything on the list that makes this particular house unique or is it just a basic structure that has just been spruced up with things that you will not actually buy? This is the situation with many homes for sale.

Tricks of the Trade.

It is important to understand how big an impact furnishings can have on buyers. There are companies now that do nothing other than come into a home and do interior decorating before it is sold or goes for auction.

Real estate sellers pay thousands of dollars for this service, and it is money well spent. As a buyer, you run the risk of being very unhappy if you buy a home solely for its furniture instead of its structure.

When house-hunting, focus on the structure. Try to look at the home for sale in a very sterile perspective. If the house was vacant and free of all furnishings, would you still find it attractive and make an offer on it? If the answer is no, then move on.