Marble Falls-- The New Paradise

by : Chris Anderson, PhD

The newest spot for choice equity in the Texas welcomes you. The hospitable Highland Lakes and surrounding areas.

Please stop looking you have found the place for the General Overview of the Real Estate Market here in the Texas Hill Country. You must understand there is more than meets the eye in this dynamic and highly competitive, consumer trends and evolving market, than trend reports can even begin tell you about.

Except for the fact that the Texas Hill Country real estate is the new found paradise, that everyone wants to experience, it is very much the same as any other real estate in this world. It's rediscovered choice residential living, within over 50 surrounding cities and urban areas and it's newly rediscovered natural beauty, put it high on the wish- list, checklist, and prospective 'sites' for residential (and commercial) investment, realty markets with something more and different to offer, and relocation. Investors, buyers and sellers are migrating there to take advantage of what the market has offer. In other words they are helping to fuel the fire.

With major cities such as San Antonio and Austin Texas within commutable distances, makes this a very desirable place to be. Due to the fact that you do not have to sacrifice quality of living for urban-style amenities and comforts, seem to bring both business professionals,families, and retirees to the area. Because of its centralized location, natural beauty, and desirability, this makes it a wonderful and sought after location to raise a family,work, or retire. The lustrous water expanses,mountaineous terrain, streams and rivers welcome locals traverler and newcomers. Not many know of its emergence as the Texas heartland wine industry, with a lot to offer investors, travelers,and residents. It is abundant in diversity and culture. There are lots of integrated influences in this area, which is affecting the market dynamic, including Central European (Czech, Austrian, Swiss, Alsatian and German)and Spanish influences. This is visible in the elaborate architecture, resort-style living, food, and music.

It spans a full 25 counties. With a park-like setting and retreat-feel living it is no wonder why it draws you in and you want to live, work, retire or invest here. You will not have to look very far, infact not much further than the Hill Country EDC Real Estate Commitee,or the local chambers of commerce, to know that the real estate market here in the Texas Hill Country, is rapidly expanding, and very much alive.