2004-05 NBA Season Preview

by : Leigh Douglas

If there was one single theme to this off-season for the NBA it was ‘change’ not only was there quite a bit of significant player movement, but the league itself underwent a makeover of sorts, finally expanding to a 30th franchise, and realigning to six divisions of five teams each. Of course the biggest headlines this off-season surrounded the ongoing saga that has become the Los Angeles Lakers. Basically the Lakers surrendered to Kobe, and he got all that he asked for – namely the exit of Shaq, and Phil Jackson.

Shadowed by the Shaq move to Miami was what could end up being an even bigger deal with Tracy Mcgrady going from Orlando to Houston for Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley. Many speculate that the tandem of Mcgrady and Yao Ming will be the new Shaq-Kobe, but what is being overlooked is the potential for Steve Francis to re-establish himself as “the franchise". Other moves of note this off-season, was Phoenix getting a whole new back court of Steve Nash and Quentin Richardson, Dallas having wholesale changes after losing out on Nash in the open market, they proceeded to unload Antawn Jamison and Antione Walker, and replaced Nash with Jason Terry (and rookie Devin Harris) and replaced 6th man Jamison with Jerry Stackhouse. One very interesting move that went relatively unheralded was the trade of Al Harrington from Indiana to Atlanta for Stephen Jackson. Both players and teams should benefit greatly from this trade, especially Indiana, as it now allows Reggie Miller to come of the bench. Then of course there are the defending world champion Detroit Pistons who by all indications should be even stronger this year, having Rasheed Wallace for a whole season, as well as adding Antonio McDyess and Derrick Coleman to their bench (both of whom would probably start for some teams) plus if they get anything at all out of last years lottery pick Darko Milicic it would be a bonus.

When all is said and done this season all of the shuffling will have gotten a lot of teams closer, and it might have closed some gaps, but come next summer the final four should be very similar to what it has been recently, Detroit is still the team to beat in the East, and Indiana is the only team with a chance to do so. In the West San Antonio will once again be a force, and Minnesota should continue its recent success behind perennial MVP candidate Kevin Garnett.

2004 Forecast:

Atlantic Division

  1. Knicks- Marbury is a sleeper for MVP, will not miss Allan Houston at all

  2. Celtics- Payton will be on a mission to regain some status, Pierce another MVP candidate

  3. Nets- Losses of Martin & Kittles too big to overcome

  4. Raptors- How high a ceiling can Bosh have on such a small frame?

  5. 76ers- Iverson will be demanding a trade by January

Central Division

  1. Pistons- Biggest question is if they can sustain the ‘drive to win’

  2. Pacers- Should be even closer this year

  3. Cavaliers- In either other eastern division would contend for 1st

  4. Bulls- Slowly getting better, very slowly (and really did they have anywhere else to go

  5. Bucks- Will be tough to follow up on last years success

Southeast Division

  1. Heat- Shaq alone makes them contenders – look for Eddie Jones to re-emerge as all star

  2. Magic- Francis looks to return to Stevie Franchise days

  3. Hawks- Have some potential young talent, Harrington one of favorites for most improved

  4. Wizards- They are just treading water, and should be very afraid of Bobcats passing them quickly

  5. Bobcats- They have to start somewhere, couldn’t have asked for a better division

Southwest Division

  1. Spurs- Adding Barry for depth gives them just another weapon

  2. Rockets- Will be interesting to watch how it unfolds

  3. Mavericks- New look Mav’s probably not any better, still won’t stop anyone defensively

  4. Grizzlies- Have made great strides, but will be harder to take next step

  5. Hornets- Biggest victims of the realignment

Northwest Division

  1. T-wolves- This could be their year (may have to be)

  2. Nuggets- Quietly have put together one of best starting 5 in league

  3. Trailblazers- How long before they shake up the roster even more?

  4. Sonics- Have to decide what kind of team they want to be, and then commit to it

  5. Jazz- Kirilenko is easily the most unheralded player in the league

Pacific Division

  1. Kings- Still have one run left in them

  2. Suns- Are well on their way to being ‘the next team’

  3. Lakers- New look Lakers are in for some surprises

  4. Clippers- Clippers will battle Warriors and Wizards to stay ahead of Bobcats

  5. Warriors- See Clippers

Eastern Conference Finals:

  Pacers over Pistons

Western Conference Finals:

  Timberwolves over Spurs


  Pacers over Timberwolves


Favorite:Kevin Garnett, Twolves

Sleeper: Stephon Marbury, Knicks

Defensive Player of the Year:

Favorite:Ben Wallace, Pistons

Sleeper:Andrei Kirilinko, Jazz

Most Improved Player:

Favorite:Al Harrington, Hawks

Sleeper:Drew Gooden, Cavaliers

Sixth Man:

Favorite:Bobby Jackson, Kings

Sleeper:Joe Johnson, Suns

Scoring Champion:

Favorite:Kobe Bryant, Lakers

Sleeper:Shaquille O’Neal, Heat

Rookie of the Year:

Favorite:Dwight Howard, Magic

Sleeper: J.R. Smith, Hornets

Coach of the Year:

Favorite:Stan Van Gundy, Heat

Sleeper:Lenny Wilkens, Knicks