Inspection Before Selling

by : Rick LeForce

One of the aspects of the home sale that has become ever more important is the inspection of the home before closing. Typically this is not something that will ever be forgotten as it is important enough to be a primary subject on most real estate contracts. But as many can attest to; sometimes there are some pretty unpleasant surprises that can pop up in the inspection report. All of the sudden you are looking at either spending a bunch of money or taking a hit on the sale price to make the buyer happy and willing to finalize the sale. So, why not have an inspection done yourself before the house is even listed? This way you will have the opportunity to fix anything that might need it and you will have an idea of what the inspection during the closing of the sale will turn up. No surprises, nice huh?

Inspections can turn up all sorts of things that you as a home owner never suspected about your home. Another reason why this is a good idea is when the agent & buyer have their inspection done, you will already have your home inspection report handy. This can be a great tool in ensuring that the inspection that is done is above board and legit. It would be great if everyone out there was scrupulous and acted with high morals, unfortunately that is simply not the case so it's up to you to ensure that your interests are protected.

Having an inspection already done should put you into a favorable bargaining position. This is even more true if you have receipts to prove that anything that turned up on the inspection has been taken care of. Buyers like to know that when they buy a home there is not going to be any major repairs required. This will always make the sale smoother and less of a hassle to deal with.