Home Staging: Bringing the Yard Together

by : Jake Marsh

One of the most important aspects of staging a home is ensuring that the exterior and yard create a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers. Its going to be a chore to do this is the yard is unkempt and cluttered, the outside of the home is dirty with old peeling paint, and the garden looks like something out of an amazon movie. Lets divide the exterior and yard into 3 sections: yard, garden and the house itself. Now try to prioritize these areas according to what needs the most attention and what will have the most dramatic effect on the showing of your home.

For argument's sake let's start with the home itself. Start by taking a critical look at your home, if you have a hard time doing this; have a neighbor take a look for you. Make yourself a list of things that you would like to improve. New paint is always a favorite for improving the home's curb appeal and raising it's value. If your pain is fairly recent, try simply cleaning the exterior using a power washer or pressure nozzle on your hose. Also, make sure that the windows are clean. Dirty windows are an eyesore and they can also block light from entering the home. If you have window boxes, be sure that they are clean and have some nice flowers in them.

The yard can be a simple yet powerful tool when selling a home. It is the yard that will likely be a large part of a buyer's first impression of the home. If the yard is full of junk, and overgrown grass then it's pretty safe to say the first opinion of the home will not be good. If you take a look at a home magazine, notice that any exterior shots feature immaculately manicured lawns, surrounded by sturdy, decorative fencing and neat walkways. Fences are one area that many people ignore when looking at a yard but they have a huge impact whether it is realized or not. A well built and coordinated fence is like your yard's frame. It plays a big part in setting the tone for the whole yard so you may want to take the time to paint or if necessary build a new fence.

Gardens are like the icing on the cake for a home. They are a finishing touch, but if done correctly they can be a real focal point for a home's exterior. Take the time to eliminate the weeds and scrub from your garden and replace the faded topsoil with a mulch. The reason behind this is that mulches hold their dark color better and will act as a barrier for weeds that can wreck the look of a garden. Try to coordinate the colors of the flowers you plant with the colors of the home. It will help to create an impressive overall theme for the home that buyers will definitely take notice of.