St. Martin Real Estate Laws

by : Seth Willis Jr.

Located right in the middle of a chain of Caribbean islands, St. Martin real estate is the smallest island in the world to be divided between two different countries. St. Martin is French territory and St. Maarten belongs to the Dutch. Though the influence of these two countries is very distinct in the different territories, people cross the almost imperceptible border without even realizing they are entering a different country.

Life's a beach on St. Martin real estate
St. Martin real estate is made up of 36 spectacular beaches, each with its own unique charm and attraction. Some beaches have waves that are any surfer's dream-come-true while others are calm enough for little kids. Some are thronging with holidaymakers looking for excitement while others are deserted and ideal for honeymooners looking for romance. The one thing all the beaches have in common, right from the tiny beaches nestled between rocky cliffs to the endless stretches of beach is the clean, white sand and the crystal-clear blue sea.

St. Martin real estate is blessed with great weather all year round. Lots of sunshine and temperatures averaging 82 degrees Fahrenheit in summer make it a great place for outdoor activities including horseback riding, biking, tennis, golf and hiking. Great weather combined with amazing beaches is perfect for all kinds of water sports including jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, diving and swimming. Winter temperatures are two degrees cooler than summer guaranteeing you fun-in-the-sun all year long.
French elegance

The French St. Martin is more understated as compared to its garrulous Dutch neighbor. The emphasis here is on elegance, comfort and gourmet cuisine. Marigot, the capital of St. Martin is styled to look like a typical French village with its art galleries, boutiques and sidewalk cafes offering gourmet French cuisine.

Charming Grand Case is world-famous as the restaurant capital of the Caribbean with its wide selection of exquisite cuisine. Paradise Peak, the highest point of this island offers a 360-degree breathtaking view of St. Martin and also the neighboring islands.
Stunning St. Martin real estate

The stunning French St. Martin real estate offers investors outstanding value for money. You can get some of the best values in St. Martin real estate as compared to any other Caribbean island. There are plenty of options available for the discerning buyer who is interested in ocean-view or beachfront property. The laws on land development on St. Martin real estate are quite different from the Dutch St. Maarten Real Estate.
St. Martin real estate laws

The Notary or Notaire handles all St. Martin real estate transactions. The final deed preparations as well as the relevant searches regarding property titles and other matters are the responsibility of the Notaire, who is obligated to the buyer and the seller to do a proper search and ensure clear transfer of title. There is no need for a personal attorney for any St. Martin real estate dealings.

All St. Martin Real Estate transactions attract 10% transfer fees, which include Notary fees, 33 1/2 % capital gains tax and land tax. Basic local knowledge is required regarding zoning and building permits.