New Construction Concerns

by : Karrie Rose

Many people are of the opinion that when purchasing a new construction home that there are few concerns, the home is brand new; so what is the worry? Unfortunately there are some new construction home that have more problems then their older counterparts for a variety of reasons. One of the most unfortunate of these is unscrupulous contractors and builders. With the current housing boom, homes are being constructed faster than ever before and some new homes have sadly declined in integrity as builders strive to maintain their bottom line by using sub-standard materials and labor.

Before buying a new construction home, do some research and investigate the builder in question. What is their track record like? If they have done other projects, talk to the owners and find out if they have anything to say about their experience, positive or negative. Remember, this is a huge purchase, so don't rush into anything simply because it "looks" good.

If you spend some time online you can learn about various different kinds of housing scams that are being run by less than honest builders. Take into account that these scams usually involve the "suggested" mortgage company and other people involved in the construction and sale of the homes.

One things that s absolutely necessary before purchasing any home new or old is a home inspection. It is a falsehood that inspections are not required for newly built homes. What if there is an error in the foundation, or the wiring? Maybe there have been sub-standard materials used in the plumbing or heating systems? Are you ready to take that chance? Always be wary of sellers that downplay the necessity of the home inspection on homes new or old. If they want to skip the inspection, there might be a significant reason for it.