New Home - Old Home

by : Richard Soto

With all the new construction happening in this country there is a real abundance of new construction homes available. The question is; are these the best homes for my dollar? It's a difficult question to answer as there are definite pros and cons to new construction. The same also holds true for older established homes. In looking for a new home you would be wise to consider both in full before making any decisions. Buyers who take the time to educate themselves on all their choices are the ones who get the best deals and the ones who are happy with their purchases in the long-term.

Have you noticed that there is a lot of new construction in your given area? Have you heard anything positive or negative about the quality of the new homes being built. It would be nice to think that all new construction homes are fantastic in every way but unfortunately that is not always the case. Like any business there are those who will cut corners to make a few extra dollars at the cost of the customers. Always have an inspection done on any new construction home, and make sure that you choose the inspector. It is a reality that there are home owners out there who wish they had taken this step before buying a new construction home that turned out to be a money pit from day 1. Typical problems with new homes can range from shoddy materials to improper wiring and everything in between. The majority of new homes are well built by reputable builders but all the same you should always find out about the reputation and track record of the builder concerned.

Inspections are also a huge part of purchasing established homes, but for different reasons. While inspections on new homes are concerned with the quality of the materials and work done on the home, inspections on older homes are more concerned with the integrity of the home, its foundations and the workings of its interior systems. Older homes should also be inspected for mold, mildew and any other kind of moisture related damage. However, on the plus side, older homes usually have larger parcels of land and are in already established neighborhoods. This means that usually there will be more amenities closer to the home and already operational public services. The choice is yours, just make sure that it is an educated choice!