The Top Reasons to Buy a Marriott Timeshare

by : Gary Hayduk

Marriott has been in the timeshare business since 1984, making them the first large hotel company to enter the industry. Marriott's solid history and wide range of options make it one of the most desirable timeshares in the world. As a major player world wide, it's safe to say that Marriott will continue to be an industry leader. 

Marriott Timeshare is known as Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott Vacation Club (MVCI)
One of the big selling points, a key innovation that allows Marriott vacation club owners to convert their timeshare accommodations to 'points,' is known as Marriot Rewards Points. You can 'spend' these points on things such as hotel rooms, car rentals and airline tickets, instead of using your allotted timeshare.

Because of this point system, a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare comes with a high exchange desirability so you easily have the option of vacationing at a resort or timeshare all over the world.

Marriott Vacation Club
Why Buy MVCI
With a Marriott vacation club you gain access to other resorts and a system of bonus points that provides access to a range of vacation options. Marriott Timeshares, known as Marriott Vacation Club, allows you unrivaled flexibility. If you also have membership with Interval International, you can exchange your week(s) how, when, and where you want. Interval International is affiliated with most Marriott timeshare resorts and it gives owners a choice of over 4000 resort destinations, a pretty sweet deal.

Here are some examples from the Marriott Vacation Club website on how you could use your points:

  • 14,000 points
    1 weekend night at a Residence Inn by Marriott or other Select location
  • 30,000 points
    10,000 frequent flyer miles with one of nine airline partners
  • 100,000 points
    7 nights at a Courtyard by Marriott or other Select Marriott accommodations
  • 200,000 points
    7 nights at the most in-demand Marriott Choice accommodations plus two coach round-trip airline tickets to any destination in the world, plus 25% off Hertz® rental, 100 minute pre-paid AT&T calling card.

The downside to the rewards system is that if you buy your Marriott timeshare on the resale market you can't participate in the rewards program unless you purchase the points from Marriott. However, there is an exceptional resale market so you may still be able to find the perfect purchase.

Prices of Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott Cacation Club prices range from $7,500- 65,000, depending on location, resort demand, season, number of weeks and size of the villa required. Indigo Guides says that 'Buying new Marriott properties can be an expensive option so opting for Marriott resale properties can be a wise move. Marriott does sell both new and resale properties at their resorts but there are also resale opportunities such as resale brokers.'

So yes, Marriott timeshares looks like a good investment. Marriott Vacation Club has a solid history of success in the timeshare. And with the Marriot Rewards system, you can exchange your timeshare allocation for hotel accommodations, airline tickets, car rentals and more. Just make sure you buy at the right price and not near the holiday season as prices tends to go up.