Get Into Real Estate Now

by : Nancy Arlington

When there is a huge amount of homes on the market and not nearly enough buyers looking, you may think that it is not the time to purchase an investment property. But that is just the opposite of true. Now is the time to make the jump into investing in the real estate market because now is the time to be getting a bargain on a property. There are prices dropping on properties everywhere, and with so many lenders in the market these days, there is always an incentive to use when purchasing a new property. Most offer competitive interest rates and many offer great financing programs that will entice you into using their lending institution. Use these offers to your advantage by accepting the best one for you. Likely, you will be able to take your pick between several.

There are sellers all over the country, but especially in the Florida area, that have taken some highly creative steps to ensure that their home is the one that a buyer picks. They have realized that it is a very competitive market and they have to do something to win your choice for their home. Not only are they offering the typical incentives of paying closing costs and new dÅ?cor allowances, some are offering tax and insurance payments for a year, one year maintenance plans, even big screen televisions, boats, and cars on some of the higher end properties. Some of the sellers have even agreed to a lease to purchase plan instead of outright selling the property, just so they can get new owners into their property.

Although it seems that interest rates have been on the rise lately, they are still below their standing just five years ago and these great deals on interest rates make it an even better time to make the decision to invest in property. Some lending institutions are willing to offer even greater deals on the interest rates to gain customers. They may offer below market financing, and if you happen to be a first time home buyer, a great deal is even more likely to be awaiting you. Make sure you ask for any first time homebuyer deals that may be available.

One way to make money in real estate is to purchase land or properties that are located just on the outskirts of somewhere that is vastly growing. The more an area grows, the closer it will get to you and the more in demand your property will be for businesses or homes. If you have a savvy business sense, you may be able to pick up on an area that will be a huge business area in the next five years but is still fertile farmland now. This will allow you to purchase at a cheap price and sell at a very high price. Many people have made their fortunes in ways very similar.

Getting into real estate is not always the cheapest way to make money, but it is a fairly sure bet on getting a positive return on your investment. If you are able to invest in real estate now, you should do so as soon as possible. Make sure that you check out the properties well before you purchase so that you know you can make money on the property and not lose a great deal when you have to do too many repairs.