Property in Cheshire: an Attractive Investment

by : Andrew Regan

England's northern regions have long been famed for their outstanding natural beauty. However, from the Lake District to the Yorkshire Dales, the North has recently struggled to overcome a reputation gained in the last few decades as a struggling post-industrial area of the country. Nowadays, however the area has transformed into a burgeoning tourist centre of Britain - and with significant success. As a result, many property buyers in the UK are seeking property alternative properties - either to start a new life away from the crowded environs of London or to use as a holiday home, and property in Cheshire, for instance, is becoming increasingly sought after.

Cheshire is one of the most rural counties in North West England, and is home to an agricultural industry that is well-known for its salt, silk and Cheshire cheese. While Chester is the region's main county town, other populous towns include Crewe, Macclesfield, Warrington and Runcorn; and people seeking property in Cheshire will find a range of both rural and urban buildings to choose from in their property search.

As one of England's most historically rich counties, Cheshire boasts a number of historical buildings and structures. Chester, for instance, is one of the best preserved walled-cities in the UK and its walls and Roman fortress compose what are probably the earliest building works in Cheshire. What's more, the unique red sandstone that is native to the county of Cheshire is a prominent feature in many local monuments and churches, such as Beeston Castle, Chester Cathedral as well as many parish churches. However, fans of red sandstone will also be able to find some residential building made from this material, although it's not a common feature of most housing in Cheshire.

Most of the residential property for sale in Cheshire is built from orange, red or brown brick, although many houses built before the eighteenth century are faced with stone; so people looking for property in Cheshire are most likely to find homes of this variety. However, Victorian buildings often enjoy a more distinct brick pattern, with ornate chimneys and gables as prominent features. So if you're seeking property in the rural Cheshire countryside or you're looking for a townhouse in Chester or Crewe, you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

While Cheshire is a predominantly rural area, it's located very close to the main urban areas of Manchester and Liverpool, so it's possible to commute between Cheshire and these cities fairly easily. What's more, Cheshire is located close to some of Britain's most popular tourist destinations - including North Wales, Blackpool and the Lake District. So property buyers can rest assured that property in Cheshire remains an attractive investment - whether you're hoping to relocate to Cheshire or you're simply looking for a holiday home in Britain's beautiful northern countryside.

Andrew Regan is an online, freelance journalist who lists travelling and rugby among his interests.