The New Whatcom Project

by : Eric Badgely

For years the Bellingham downtown was seen as an industrial area. With heavy industry dominating much of the waterfront there was little room for development. This, however is a situation that has changed. The revitalization of the Bellingham waterfront is underway! In 2005 the Port of Bellingham purchased a significant package of land along the waterfront with the purpose of converting it into a multi-faceted community incorporating light industry, commercial interests, homes, and parks. This development is progressing with an eye on the environment and the bright future of the Bellingham waterfront.

This project has been christened as "New Whatcom," and involves the public of the surrounding area as well as partnerships at local, state and federal levels. This partnership has created a distinct atmosphere for the "New Whatcom" project. One of the major features of this construction is the development of a new marina that will be one of the main features of the scenic waterfront.

Bellingham is known to be one of the more popular and lively areas in the rugged and beautiful Pacific Northwest. This is quite simply one of the most breathtaking areas in the country. From the snow-capped peaks of Mount Baker which is world renowned for record snowfalls and some of the most fantastic skiing and snowboarding terrain there is; to the pristine beauty of the waterfalls in Whatcom Falls Park, Bellingham and Whatcom County have a little something to offer everyone.

Another attractive aspect of this area is the agreeable climate. Bellingham lies in one of the last temperate rainforest areas left in North America and as such enjoys fair weather all year round. There is never a shortage of things to do at any time of the year in this area, a fact that is best defined by the annual Ski-To-Sea Race. Participants start at the peak of Mount Baker and relay race through seven different events before the race finishes in beautiful Bellingham Bay.