What Stays and What Goes?

by : Eric Bramlett

One major item of contention in many home sales is the issue of what stays and goes when the sale is finalized. Most buyers will expect that all major appliances and fixtures will be part of the sale and this is something that is important to be completely clear on when writing the contracts. Let's look at this example: You have recently purchased a beautiful new fridge. It's the fridge of your dreams and now that you are moving, you want to take the fridge with you. Now, a buyer will automatically assume that the fridge is part and parcel of the sale. In most cases it usually is. As a seller, and fridge lover you will have to include a subject in the contract that clearly states that the appliance in question is coming with you.

This kind of things can apply to almost any fixture, a favorite lamp, a new washer-dryer set, your custom stainless steel gourmet range, the list goes on. Of course, these items are a necessity when showing the home so you may want to include this kind of information in your primary listing. Or, if possible you can always replace the item with another for the sake of the listing. If the item is a major appliance of some sort, buying a new one can readily increase the asking price of the home as new appliances are a favorite of home buyers.

Another way that you can tackle this problem is by being up front with prospective buyers. Tell them that you are taking the appliance or fixture with you and that the asking price of your home reflects the cost of replacing the item. Or you could simply offer them a discount on the home based on the average cost of replacing the item in question. The most important aspect of this is letting buyers know ahead of time that there will be an item that they may have to purchase to make the home complete. The last thing you need as a seller is to get to the final stage of selling and have angry or surprised buyers asking why they were not told of this earlier.