Using Other Real Estate Investors to Find your Next Great Deal?

by : Terry Burchett

The number one problem I continue to see with ALL real estate investors trying to get started is finding a deal to invest in. It seems we can all wake up one day and say, 'I am going to invest in real estate!' It is easy to say it, but where do we go from there?

This is where it is smart to get creative. Anyone can drive around and look for houses to try and invest in, but it seems that there should be an easier way. Well there is. You can get your next GREAT deal from another real estate investor. Hmmm.....Are you sure, don't they charge finders fees? Well....YES I am sure and NO there will be no finders fees or assignment costs when doing this simple strategy.

I am sure you drive around your local neighborhood and see the many signs that say, 'We Buy Houses.' This is what investors do to market themselves or brand themselves if you will. Instead of driving around looking for deals they simply market themselves and get the deals coming to them. How can we benefit from their marketing? I'll tell you how. The next time you see one of those signs, take down the number and give them a call. What can it hurt. Just try it. No, we are not trying to sell them a house, but who cares. The only thing I am going to ask them is 'what do you do with the deals you don't take?' Sounds simple enough, and you might be surprised at the response. Usually they will say something to the fact of nothing. This is where you come in and let them know your info and you would be interested in those. They will call or email you with those they cannot use and most of the time they will not ask for anything in return.

Now, I have given you a way to benefit from sign marketing, but how about we make it even simpler than that. I cannot give it to you any easier than this. Pick up your local newspaper and go to the real estate wanted classifieds section of the paper. There, you will see anywhere between 7 and 15 maybe even more 'We Buy Houses' listings. Wow, now all you have to do is pick up the phone and call all of them. Can you believe how easy that is? Just ask them the same question from before and see what happens.

They pay for the marketing and you get the deals. Crazy how easy this concept is but how little it is utilized. I have given you the tools and how to use them. Finding your first deal should have just gotten a lot easier with this method. Remember real estate investing is fun and should be fun. Use these tools and grow your business. The only thing stopping you is YOU!