Living in the Desert?

by : Anne And Eddie Mckechnie

There was a time when the suggestion of living in the desert would be greeted with a measure of incredulity and disdain. Well, those times are clearly past as the desert is not home to some of the most amazing properties in the American West. Tucson in particular has become a sterling example of a community that has prospered in an unlikely area. Tucson sits on the eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert, not too far from the Mexican border. This was traditionally an area that was somewhat arid and historically part of the Wild West. This area has seen some drastic changes over the past years and now Tucson, while still entrenched in the style of the Old West, has developed into a dynamic community with some truly distinct homes.

One thing that a first time viewer may notice about the Tucson area is the different style of homes found here. Many of the properties in this area feature a more Spanish "hacienda" style of home. Striking angles, a low profile and Spanish tile roofs are definitive of this style of home. But don't let the rustic exterior fool you into thinking that the interiors are less then impressive. Tucson features some of the most beautifully designed and striking homes in the West. It is not difficult to find a serene oasis in the middle of miles of desert, and with new developments cropping up all the time the choices are almost endless.

Tucson is a climate of extremes, and all of them are breathtaking. Summer and winter seem to blend into each other with little consideration for spring and fall. There is also the monsoon season where the area is lit up by some of the most awe-inspiring lightning storms anywhere. Like most other areas in Arizona, the temperature does not fall far below 85 degrees for most of the year, even the winter months are warmer than most other areas of the country with an average temperature of around 65 degrees. This climate has made Tucson an ideal area for outdoor activity on a year-round basis.

If you are seeking a home in a beautiful setting, with great amenities, recreation and a extremely agreeable climate then come and check out what Tucson has to offer. Come and find your desert oasis.